Ready to take classroom learning to the edge of space? With StratoStar’s help, implementing high altitude science curriculum and STEM learning allows you to take education to new heights.
High Altitude Science
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What exactly is high altitude science?

High altitude science is a way to get students involved in the learning process! High altitude science involves sending a high-altitude weather balloon to the edge of space, designing a custom experiment, tracking the experiment, and analyzing the results.

Your students will love the opportunity to design an experiment that actually goes to the edge os space. And when the weather balloon comes back down, they’ll be able to touch something that soared up into the Stratosphere!

Why perform a high altitude science experiment?
It's time to get students excited about STEM education. Why? Because in the near future, people in STEM careers will be in short supply. There is going to be a high demand for people in STEM, yet the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Administration is saying that we won't have enough people to fill the jobs. What does this mean? It means that students studying STEM have a very bright future ahead.
Only 16% of bachelor's degrees in 2020 will specialize in STEM
80% of STEM college students say they made the decision to study STEM in high school (or earlier)
– US Bureau of Labor Statistics Administration –
STEM occupations are growing by 17% where others are growing only by 9.8%
high altitude science
StratoStar loves conducting high altitude science experiments to get students excited about STEM.
Students get tired of hearing that learning is fun. Instead of telling them, why not prove it to them? With a high altitude science project from StratoStar, students will feel like they are heading up mission control as they launch a weather balloon into the stratosphere.
Are you ready to learn more about performing a high altitude science experiment with StratoStar?
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Would you like to learn more about launching a mission?


StratoStar exists to empower educators and unlock student curiosity through project based learning ideas. Working with education institutions, we start High-Altitude Weather Balloon programs to cover all areas of STEM curriculum and allow students to complete a real world project.




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