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Founded in 2006, StratoStar is an Education company with a mission to "Empower Educators to unlock Student curiosity."  StratoStar works with educational institutions (K-12 through Universities) to start StratoStar High-Altitude Weather Balloon programs which cover core Educational content and standards where students use 21st century skills (Communication, Collaboration, Creativity & Critical Thinking) in a interdisciplinary mission to the Edge of Space.  These missions allow students to learn while using Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) to complete a real world project.
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Take your classroom to the edge of space.

What is StratoStar?
Who is this for?
Why weather balloons?
StratoStar is a company that specializes in operating weather balloon programs at educational organizations. This weather balloon project incorporates all kinds of STEM education lessons and can be customized to any curriculum. The team at StratoStar helps educators run the program, making project-based learning easier than ever before.
Students of all ages love StratoStar. StratoStar has run projects at the grade school, high school, college, and graduate levels. Each program is unique, so students of all ages can learn a wide variety of lessons. While the program is focused on STEM, students will also learn a variety of life skills like teamwork, collaboration, and critical thinking.
Weather balloons go higher than most people realize. They really do pop right at the edge of space. With a weather balloon, student have a unique opportunity to be involved in a near-space project. The intent of this experience is to get students excited and interested in a possible future in STEM. Our mission is to prove to students that STEM is fun!

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Jason Krueger
Founder & President
Learning the Hard Way

Throughout my own education, I was always a student who struggled with conventional learning methods. Lectures, books, notes... It can all get a little, well, boring. To me, nothing could ever beat those rare learning experiences when I would use my hands and personally experience the greater theories and lessons my teachers had for me.

Finding a Solution

So when a professor at Taylor University's Space and Physics Program suggested a whole new idea for giving STEM students access to Earth's upper atmosphere, I couldn't help but run with it. I listened to him describe the way his students built experiments to test their hypotheses. He told me about how fun it was to watch the balloon disappear in the sky, and to drive across the border into Ohio for recovery. He said that students all over should get the opportunity to engage scientific discovery the way his students had. It was in that exact spirit that I founded StratoStar.

Teaching by Project Based Learning

Fast forward a few years (and plenty of successful launches!), and StratoStar is excited to help you and your students touch the very edge of space. We will be there throughout your launch, guiding you as you design and build your experiments, plan your missions, and process your findings. With each and every near space balloon launch, we aim not only to provide cutting-edge technology and unprecedented access to the largely unexplored field of near-space, but also to offer students the opportunity to experience the wonder of scientific discovery first-hand with fun project based learning ideas.

If you're interested in learning more about our story, or want to find out how we can help you begin your own adventure in edge of space learning, be sure to sign up for an online demo. I'd love a chance to learn more about you and help make education come alive for your students.

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StratoStar exists to empower educators and unlock student curiosity through project based learning ideas. Working with education institutions, we start High-Altitude Weather Balloon programs to cover all areas of STEM curriculum and allow students to complete a real world project.




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