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Student Testimonials
"My favorite part was creating the experiment and then watching the launch.  It was just really fun!"
"This project was really fun.  I mean, who gets a chance to send something into near space?"
"I learned the most about teamwork because we were under a deadline  to get things done"
Educator Testimonials
"High altitude balloon missions are exciting for students because it has both an air and near space component to it and you have to work over a geographical area. You are not confined to a lab or classroom. The students are challenged to plan ahead: launch in a certain place, be able to track or chase the balloon, and then capture or recover it in a different place, geographically."
–Dr. Glen Kissel, University of Southern Indiana
"There is nothing that can fit hands-on STEM like the StratoStar Program... My students have been able to test things in the real atmosphere which is constantly changing!... In my class we do a lot of calculations, coefficient of drag, coefficient of lift and other calculations and really it just looks like a Math class, but with the StratoStar Program we go out into the real-world and they have to do those same calculations but it really matters because there is a tangible application to high-altitude ballooning...  My Administration is very excited about our StratoStar program because they can see the connection between classroom learning and hands-on learning in STEM."
–Andy Wilkins, Teacher, Noblesville High School
"Carnegie Science Center is extremely pleased to have partnered with Stratostar to launch the Pirate Parrot mascot from PNC Park to the stratosphere!  Our team included members with a wide range of skill sets, and we were quickly made comfortable with the software and launch procedures.  Jason Krueger brought to the training and the launch the right blend of patience and promptness.  His expertise enabled us to pull off a complex project with many partners and many moving parts.  And, as a teacher, his knowledge of the history of high altitude ballooners led us to the story of Jeannette Piccard, first woman to fly to the stratosphere--a perfect fit for our "Girls Rock Science" celebration which took place the day of the launch. "Our educators and leadership are extremely excited about doing future launches! We are already brainstorming about student competitions, teacher professional developments, and even student designed payloads that could be 3-D printed in our FabLab.  Who knows what we might do on the next launch? A giant mission control event on site in our Works Theater?  The world's farthest egg drop? The sky's the limit! "Working with Stratostar enabled us to create a huge media buzz to get people excited about science and the thrill of adventure, exploring the near space environment. It was a perfect fit with our mission to delight, educate, and inspire"
–Mike Hennessy, Carnegie Science Center
We've had the pleasure of working with organizations all over the nation.
Here's what makes StratoStar experiments different from other STEM projects:
StratoStar weather balloon launches are high impact projects, yet we make it easy for educators to execute a project. In fact, we take care of all the tough logistics, leaving educators to do what they do best: TEACH! We can't wait to help you take your classroom to the edge of outer space.


StratoStar exists to empower educators and unlock student curiosity through project based learning ideas. Working with education institutions, we start High-Altitude Weather Balloon programs to cover all areas of STEM curriculum and allow students to complete a real world project.




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