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3,300 - 7,900 ft

Cumulus Clouds

2,000 ft

Hot Air Balloons

3,000 ft

First Human Flight

35,000 ft

Commercial Flights

37,900 ft

Highest Recorded Bird Flight

Leaving the Troposphere...

... entering the Stratosphere.

52,000 ft

1968 Ghost Balloon

Past StratoStar Experiment

Water Bear Astronauts

Past StratoStar Experiment

Music In Space

100,000+ ft

Red Bull Stratos

100,000+ ft

Balloon Is

4x Original Size

63,000 ft

Armstrong Limit

StratoStar's Mission Control

Track your entire flight on any device. Get all kinds of cool data like temperature,   pressure, speed, and more.


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Start A Mission

StratoStar Tracking

How Mission Control Works

Stratosphere Sighting:


Leaving the Stratosphere...

... entering the Troposphere.

Past StratoStar Experiment

Cosmic Rays

17,400 ft

Cosmic Rays Discovered

80,000 ft

Strato Lab V

57,777 ft

First Stratospheric


Past StratoStar Experiment

Extreme Egg Drop

102,800 ft

First Space Jump

4000 - 35,000 ft


Past StratoStar Experiment

Photographic Imaging

6,500 ft

Stratus Clouds

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